Why and Where Should I Seek Comprehensive, Full-Care and General Anchorage Dentistry?

You may not have thought about it, but every Anchorage dentistry practice has a philosophy. So what is a practice philosophy and why is it important?

A practice philosophy is a set of decisions which will determine the direction of the practice. It is founded on the mission statement and values of the dentist. These decisions could include: what services will the dentist perform, what type of patients will be seen, how will the patients and employees be treated, will the practice be a high volume, large practice or a low volume, personal practice, what quality of materials and dental labs will be used, how will the dentist stay current in their field?

Now you can see why each practice is different and why it is important to find a dentist in Anchorage whose philosophy of practice matches how you want to be treated!

Dr. Terry J. Preece, owner of Healthy Smiles Dental, practices Comprehensive, Full-Care and general Anchorage dentistry. Why? Because he believes it is absolutely essential to treat each patient as he would a member of his own family; his wife, mother, sister, son or daughter. And he would want his own family to receive only the best.

What is Comprehensive, Full-Care Dentistry?

Dr. Preece has extensive experience and training to take excellent care of all your dental needs.  At Healthy Smiles Dental you will enjoy the convenience of having all your procedures completed in-house so you don’t have to run all over town.  On the rare occasion you do require a referral, Dr. Preece works with a network of competent specialists so you can receive the finest care.

Comprehensive dentistry means that Dr. Preece will take a long term approach to your care.  This means that the dentistry you receive is designed to last a long, long time, not just a short while.  Long term dentistry takes into account the materials used, the bite forces, the patient’s oral habits and home care habits and general health.  Dr. Preece wants you to become completely healthy.  Then you can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful, pain free smile and eat all the foods you enjoy and that will enable you to maintain your health.

Patch and fill dentistry is the opposite of Comprehensive Full-Care dentistry. Patch and fill dentistry, which can be likened to trying to put out a forest fire one tree at a time, is actually more costly and inefficient because it doesn’t last very long and has to be replaced more often. In contrast, Comprehensive, Full-Care and adult dentistry will enable you and Dr. Preece, to work together, to develop

a long term plan to achieve your goals for your smile. You can then work toward that goal as your time and budget permits, receiving dentistry that is done right the first time and will last.

Adults, especially older adults, can sometimes present with complex dental issues.  They may have missing teeth, failing dental work, pain and discomfort, denture problems, gum disease and/or cosmetic challenges due to trauma, wear or aging.  Dr. Preece has the experience necessary to diagnose and treat complex cases.  He will  performan extensive and thorough exam which includes an oral cancer check, a soft tissue, muscle and joint exam, analysis of your bite, a gum evaluation, evaluation or each tooth and filling, a cavity risk assessment, and a cosmetic evaluation. He will then discuss with you,  your treatment goals and desires.Dr. Preece will formulate several options for your care and then let you decide which option will best meet your needs.  You can then proceed with the treatment at a pace with which you are comfortable, knowing that when you are finished you will be healthy.  It will then be easy to maintain your smile with regular visits and preventive care at Healthy Smiles Dental.

So if you want more than patch and fill dentistry, if you want to be treated like a guest instead of a number and if you want a long term approach to dental health and a beautiful smile, then Comprehensive, Full-Care dentistry at Healthy Smiles Dental may be a good fit for you.  Call us today at 907-222-3242 to schedule a FREE get acquainted consultation.  You’ll be glad you did!

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