An Anchorage Dentist Explains How to Save a Lost Tooth

December 9, 2021 by Healthy Smiles Dental0

If you have been in an accident that has knocked out your tooth, you are probably quite frazzled. Of course, you hope to save it. Luckily, the news is good. Most teeth can be re-inserted when the ligament is kept alive. However, this is only recommended for adults. Reinserting a baby tooth can cause damage to an adult tooth. After your tooth falls out, an Anchorage dentist explains certain things that can be done to save it.

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Handle the Tooth Properly


In order to save your tooth, a dentist in Anchorage AK explains that you must handle it gently. When a tooth is removed from its socket, its ligaments are destroyed. To help the tooth survive, you must make sure that the nerve fibers stay connected. When you find the tooth, you should never touch the root. It should be picked up from the crown. All dust should be gently wiped away. Then, you should try to reinsert it into its socket. If this is not possible, you should keep it between your gums and cheek while seeking emergency assistance. When the tooth is surrounded by your saliva, there is a higher likelihood that it may be saved. If the tooth can’t be placed in your mouth, it should be put in a glass of cold milk. This will help to keep it alive.


Procedure at a Dentist in Anchorage


When you arrive at your dentist in Anchorage, he or she will flush debris from your socket. If possible, the tooth will be slipped back into position. At this point, your dentist may perform a root canal. Also, he or she will splint the tooth to the surrounding teeth. If the bone was not fractured, it is likely that the root will reconnect in a few weeks.


When you have lost a tooth, it is imperative to get to your dentist immediately. At Healthy Smiles Dental, we are prepared for these types of emergencies. Most likely, your tooth can be repositioned into your mouth. For more information, call us at 907-341-3139.

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